Chewbacca "Chewy" was born in July of 2004 on the island of Maui (Kula area). He is the offspring of "Butter" a Labrador/Pit mix who just happens to be our next door neighbor.

As a matter of fact, Butter actually acted as our surrogate dog until Dolly came into our lives. So having known Butter as well as we did, we were not surprised that she had a wonderful first litter of puppies.

Our daughter hand picked Chewbacca out of a litter of 10 pups first thing, she was actually at the birth at 2:00 in the morning and from that point forward not one day passed when she did not ask if we could have him. Seeing as that we already had our hands (and our yard) full with Dolly and Pixie, we unfortunately had to tell her "no." 

This did not mean that Chewbacca could not come over and play with Dolly and Pixie however. So it was no surprise that our daughter would spend a great deal of time out in the yard with all the animals. Personally I was surprised how well everyone got along. Even Pixie seemed to enjoy Chewbacca's company. Even though she knew the answer, our daughter would ask again and again if Chewbacca could become a member of the family. 


It was not to long after Chewbacca was about a month old, our daughter was off on a trip to the mainland for her summer vacation. I overheard her talking with her mother one night asking her to "be sure no one takes Chewbacca until she got back."  Of course her mother could not promise anything and I heard her say that she hoped that Chewbacca got a good home should someone want him.

Well, suddenly I began to notice that it was no longer my daughter who was bringing Chewbacca over everyday to play, it was now my wife! It was now clear to me that Chewbacca was a member of our family after all. I just had not received the memo yet. 

"It's all good" as the hip folks say. 
Dolly and Pixie just love him, 
and he loves us all right back!





Chewbacca and Dolly 

Chewbacca and Pixie

Chewbacca @ 5 Months / 40lbs! OMG!

Chewbacca @ 1 Year / 65lbs!!


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