Ladies and Gentleman!
Then weighing in at a whopping 4lbs, 2oz;
NOW tipping the scales at 48lbs, 6oz!

After settling into our new Maui home, we decided the place was just to darn quite (and clean)
Truly, what is a home without constantly moving fur across the carpets and linoleum.
I ask you, how could any home be more blessed. More complete.
I would also ask, if anyone has seen my right slipper. . .

We found Dolly at the Maui Humane Society

She was one of a litter of eight (8) born in the Kula area and though we wanted to take all of them home, we could only really support one.
Truth is, we had actually applied for and been accepted (apart from the home inspection) for a completely different puppy at the Society, but we were second in line for that adoption.
Unfortunately, for us that is, this puppy found another loving family to go home with.
So there we were staring at all the wonderful animals that needed homes. Knowing we could only provide for one of them.
Never-the-less, the Society would not see us going home empty handed. On our second visit (the following day) we were escorted to the back cages, where the newly arriving animals are placed before the public can opt to adopt them.
Here there were eight (8) newly arrived puppies, six to eight weeks old. Seeing as the Society knew how badly we wanted to provide a loving home for a puppy, they bent the rules (just a tad) and allowed us to adopt from this group of wonderful puppies!
All that was needed was a home inspection by the Society to make sure we were ready for our new addition. (A necessary formality)

When the inspectors arrived the following day, they were met by both Carol and Sabrina (My wife and Daughter, if you have just arrived to our site, or have not been paying attention ;) and were shown the puppies new house, bed, toys, water and food bowl. The inspectors were more than satisfied, and called back to the Society to inform them of our acceptance. 
Dolly came home with Carol and Sabrina that day!

Now. To find that slipper. . .

Dolly at 1 month 2002


Dolly at 6 months, 4-22-03

Dolly at 14 months, 2-15-04

Dolly welcomes us home from work / Dolly and Pixy hanging out

Dolly and Chewbacca under the Elephant Ear


2005 (3 YEARS OLD)



Our deepest thanks and appreciation to the Maui Humane Society, for bringing Dolly into our lives!

Don't Litter.
Fix your Critter!

Dolly wants you to check out "Pixie's" , "Chewbacca's" 
 pages please!