Gentleman and Ladies!
Weighing in at a whopping 1lbs, 9oz;

Yet another wonderful addition to our family 
via the Champions of animals everywhere, 
the Maui Humane Society

Settling in to our second year on the island of Maui, 
otherwise referred to as "paradise", 
we began to take notice of a few crucial aspects of our home:

  1. Our kitchen trash can was never knocked over

  2. Our throw-rugs were always in the same location we threw them

  3. Our drapes and furniture had no tears or frays

  4. We were able to navigate the darkened hallways without tripping over anything

This, of course, would not do!

In as much as our first years emptiness was filled 
by a visit to
the Maui Humane Society, which blessed us with our puppy Dolly,

we decided to let them work their magic once again.

If you do not see pictures in the frame above, 
please refresh your Browser

Once again, they came through for us!


Pixie finds the fresh clean laundry / Pixie and Dolly playing around!

Pixie @ 10 Months:
 Kicking back outside on the rail / Pixie finds my chair!


Pixie @ 12 Months / 12lbs:

Pixy with a baby Chewbacca


Our deepest thanks and appreciation to the 
Maui Humane Society
, for bringing both Pixie and Dolly into our lives!
Oh, Pixie wants you to go see "Chewbacca's"  page ok? 

on Wednesday, March 30th, 2008
Pixie passed away do to complications
from a centipede bite.
She was 5 years old.

We were with her,
as she had always been with us,
till the very end.

God bless you Pixie.
We will see you again!

Don't Litter.
Fix your Critter!