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This is our youngest daughter Sabrina.  She was born on March 23, 1987. 
Sabrina is a beautiful and talented young woman.  Her sense of  humor keeps us laughing on our darkest day.  We are in constant laughter when she is around.  She has the heart of an angel and a smile that lights up the darkest day.  We are very proud of her and love her very much.

Sabrina loves to go to the beach and sit out in the sun while listening to music.  She likes all kinds of music except Jazz and classical (or anything else her Step-father listens to)  with Punk and oldies being her favorites. 

 She also likes to play sports such as softball and volleyball.  Friends and family are very important to Sabrina.  Singing is another favorite past time. Although she is still uncertain in what profession she will chose, she knows that she wants to either work with children or animals. 

We have two cats Valentine and Zorro. Sabrina just loves them both. Fantasy has a special fascination for Sabrina which explains why this page is made up of fantasy creatures.  I would have to say Sabrina's favorite thing of all is horses.  One day we hope she will be able to have one.

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