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Wednesday, the second of December, Nineteen Hundred and Ninety Eight - BBB (Before Broad Band);

"BeyAJr"  was spending another night at home surfing the cyber-communities of America On-line.
The recently abandon manager of restaurants, aspiring computer geek, 
would often spend his free time conversing and cavorting amongst the populations of cyber-space. 
Learning first hand how the seemingly unseen personas of this new population 
could bring on all to real pain and disillusionment. 
Of course, there were the "good times" as well. 
Not unlike the world outside this screen. 
Just easier to access and navigate. 
Easier to shut off, but not shut out.
Yet fate was soon to play it's most influential role.

It was on this night that "BeyAJr" happened into one of the many chat-rooms 
that made up large portions of this cyber- community.
Within this room he watches as the text-based conversations flowed from topic to topic. 
Expression to expression. 
Emotion to emotion. 
Not taking part in any of the dialog, just reading. 
Taking it all in. 
As if sitting in a room full of people and simply listening. 

It was then he noticed a "name" in this room, for they were all but "names" here.
Names without faces. Words without sounds.
Yet people, never-the-less.
All of us. People.

"What's in a name?" The classic question begs us to answer.

People wanting conversation. 
People wanting company.
People wanting trouble. 
Yet all people, wanting something, here.

The name he saw was simple. Soft. Gentle.
It appealed to him. Drew him.
The very nature of the name,

He sent a simple private message to this name,
"Hi :)"

The rest, as they say, is history!

It took BeyAJr and "Cotontail3" two months of chat-rooms and phone calls 
until they actually met for the first time, 45 miles away.
After that first meeting, "BeyAJr" drove the 45 miles every weekend 
(sometimes during the week as well)
just to see his "Cotontail3."

Three years later, on the Twenty Sixth of May, Two Thousand and One, 
before God and their families and friends,
"BeyAJr" and "Cotontail3" were married.
The two "names" had become two very "real" people.
Cyber to flesh.
Words to life.

Bey and Carol Vargas.
 Continue to live happily ever after!