Here are "some" of the "Bud Light - Real Men Of Genius" radio spots.
Do not drink while listening!
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Mr. Centerfold Retoucher Mr. All You Can Eat Buffett Inventor
Mr.  Athletic Groin Protector Mr. Beach Metal Detector Guy
Mr. Boom box Carrying Roller skater Mr. Camouflage Suit Maker
Mr. Company Computer Guy Mr. Edible Underwear Maker
Mr. Fancy Coffee Shop Coffee Pourer Mr. Giant Pink Inflatable Gorilla Maker
Mr. Giant Taco Salad Inventor Mr. Handlebar Mustache Wearer
Mr. Hollywood Plastic Surgeon Mr. Horse Drawn Carriage Driver
Mr. Male Fur Coat Wearer Mr. Nudist Colony Activity Coordinator
Mr. Professional Figure Skater Mr. Restroom Toilet Paper Refiller
Mr. Silent Killer Gas Passer Mr. Souvenir Snow Globe Maker
Mr. Sports Fan Face Painter Mr. Supermarket Free Sample Guy
Mr. Tiny Thong Bikini Wearer Mr. Tuxedo Shop Tux Renter
Mr. Used Car Lot Auto Salesman Mr. Wedding Band Guitar Player
Mr. Pro Sports Heckler Guy Mr. Parade Float Driver
Mr. In the car Nose Picker Mr. Dishonest Cable TV Hooker Upper
Mr. Cruise Ship Entertainer Mr. Pushup Bra Inventor
Mr. Discount Suit Salesman Really Stinky Breath Breather Outer.
Mr. Really Really Really Bad Dancer.