Below are some links that we find ourselves using time and time again.
Perhaps you might find use of them as well!

D-Link Systems Home Page

Court TV

Test your Internet Connection Speed

PBS Home Page

The History Channel Home Page

Sean Hannity

America's Most Wanted!
Libertarian / Conservative?

Larry Elder Home Page
What's at the movies and when? Home Page
Liberal / Democrat?

Alan Colmes

Ulysses S. Grant

Bill (The Man) O'reilly
Any Elvis Fans?! Home Page

Las Vegas Home Page
Like your music?

The BEST music program - bar none!
Like MP3s?

Very large MP3 sharing community Home Page
Like Acoustic Guitar Music?

Acoustic Music Resource
Need Computer Help?

Magic Megabytes Home Page
Just can't get enough Desktop Themes?

Theme World
Who's Domain is this anyway?

Domain Information
Want to chat on several different IM programs at one time?

Are you a Mysti?

Mystery Science Theater 3000
Go fly a kite!

Big City Kites!
Need to Advertise your Business?

Magnetic Signs!
Cutest Graphics Page!
Use the E-mail Program of the future!

Absolute Backgrounds for WEB Pages!
Computer Help on Maui?

The Computer Geek of Maui
MXC Fan?

Unofficial site, but EXTREMELY well done!
Getting Married?

The Knot Home Page