My name is Harley!

I was born, 2005 in Haiku, Maui, Hawaii.

I am no "Hula-Cat"!

I am all trouble!

I have a bombastic personality and will talk all the time.
Even if you pick me up and answer all my questions!

I hope you like being followed all over the yard, because I love people.
I want to be included in everything!

I like chasing the chickens
and laying out in the yard when the sun is just right.

I have a cousin, "Pixie" who lives here with me.
She is older than me, and not as wild.
I like to pounce on here while she is napping,
or sitting there minding her own business.

I also have two doggie friends who live with me.
"Dolly" and "Chewy".
I like to walk right up to the border of their fence,
sit down and drive them nuts.
Then I run away real fast!

I am more a Daddy's cat, but don't tell anyone.
I have a reputation to uphold!

I am very good at catching the Geckos here,
but my Mommy likes them and tells me to leave them alone.
She says they are "good luck",
                                                 but I like the way their tails come off!

I live on allot of land
and I can play anyplace I want,
as long as it's the place I am not suppose to.

In the night, when my Mommy or Daddy come out
to see what the dogs are barking at,
(which is usually me)
I run right out at them and scar them to death!

So watch out!

Thank you for stopping by!


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